Things to do in Milan 2021

Duomo Square Milano

The heart of Milan beats in its attractions and its monuments. Great European metropolis rich in history and always up in the latest trends. Do you want to discover the treasures of Milan? Here is a list of things you absolutely must not miss: the top attractions in Milan! Not to be missed: the top […]

Sant’Ambrogio and the Tempting Devil

Sant'Ambrogio Basilic

Walking outside the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio you are impressed by the beauty of the quadriportico at the entrance, but to catch the attention is the only marble column outside the parvis. It dates back to the 2nd century after Christ. The origin of the beautiful Corinthian pillar is unknown, but it is curious to see […]

The Mystery of the Bronze Snake

Sant'Ambrogio Church

In the silence of the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio you can admire the architectural and artistic riches of the church, symbol, like few others, of the identity and religious history of Milan. Inside you can feel the devotion of the people to the patron of the city, but a legend hovers between the columns. Along the […]

Milan with Leonardo da Vinci and Bramante

City Tour Milan

Milan holds extraordinary evidence of the innovative talent of two of the most important protagonists of the Renaissance, Leonardo and Bramante. These multi-faceted and ingenious artists, while never having directly collaborated, worked here side by side, so much so that today their masterpieces can be admired interwoven in a single fascinating tour. It unfolds among […]