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The Mystery of the Bronze Snake

In the silence of the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio you can admire the architectural and artistic riches of the church, symbol, like few others, of the identity and religious history of Milan. Inside you can feel the devotion of the people to the patron of the city, but a legend hovers between the columns. Along the central nave, there is a black bronze snake: it rotates on itself on a Corinthian capital. It is said that the sculpture was brought by Archbishop Arnolfo from Arsago in the year 1000: Moses had realized it during the salvific journey through the desert to defend his people from snakes. Over time a good dose of superstition was added: it was enough to touch it and heal! Even today, people believe in the miraculous touch.

Sant'Ambrogio Bronze Snake
The Black Bronze Snake in Sant’Ambrogio Church

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