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Sant’Ambrogio and the Tempting Devil

Walking outside the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio you are impressed by the beauty of the quadriportico at the entrance, but to catch the attention is the only marble column outside the parvis. It dates back to the 2nd century after Christ. The origin of the beautiful Corinthian pillar is unknown, but it is curious to see that the base has two holes. It is said that the Devil, furious because he couldn’t seduce Sant ‘Ambrogio, pounced on the saint, but failed the attack and hit the column. He slips into the holes made with horns and returns to his infernal home. Even today there are people who put their ears to the holes to hear the noises of the underworld. It would also seem that some nights the smell of sulfur spreads from the holes.

Sant'Ambrogio Basilic - Column
Sant’Ambrogio Basilica – Column

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